Hi! Thank you for checking us out, we’d like to tell you more about who we are and what we do.

Burn Video is a family-owned company located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Dr. Sharla Colbert Dunbar (mommy of 5) started this company in 2015 when she realized she took tons of videos of her children on her cell phone and didn’t have a way to keep them safe or a way to watch and enjoy them. The memories were forgotten about; they were locked away in her phone and rarely viewed. Her husband Hurley, a military veteran, is also actively involved in the business and they’re happy to give military discounts on all those who serve our country or have served.

Sharla worked late nights with developers and engineers to bring her vision of an “easy-to-use” app and website to conception. No other app gives you your phone's videos and pictures on HD DVD and has the features that this app does. She really wanted this to be a great app for the busy family who want to save their precious memories, such as a baby's first steps, soccer games, birthday parties, and holidays to a keepsake DVD and view just like home movies. She works hands-on with the business on a daily basis to ensure 100% customer satisfaction!

Burn Video is so thankful each time someone places an order from the app or the website. There’s no need to fight big box store kiosks and unreliable corporate websites who aren’t even capable of saving your videos, we have solved the problem. We know you are trusting us to preserve your photos and videos: your memories! We know you work hard for your money and we're grateful that you find our family-owned company and its services worthy of spending your money on. Thank you for your support, we hope you enjoy using Burn Video!